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Palo Santo Sticks 1 Pound Bulk 75-100 Sticks of High Resin Smudging Sticks Wild

Palo Santo Sticks 1 Pound Bulk 75-100 Sticks of High Resin Smudging Sticks Wild

  • One full pound of Palo Santo sticks that are sustainably harvested in Ecuador.
  • These are packed in a traditional burlap bag that is 100% biodegradable and reusable and includes a plantable seed tag.
  • Sustainably harvested in Ecuador. Luna Sundara only works with suppliers who utilize ethical, fair trade, and sustainable practices.
  • Palo Santo, when burned, has a unique aroma that can help deepen spiritual moments of meditation and contemplation.
  • Our Palo Santo sticks come from trees that die naturally. During this decomposition process, the tree is compressed, secreting its oil and acquiring its medicinal and aromatic properties. The tree remains uncollected for three to four years. Cutting a Palo Santo tree without the decomposition process won’t result in the same benefits.
  • Latin American shamans mainly used Palo Santo in their religious and spiritual rituals as a tool to bring good luck, ward off any signs of negativity, and as a means of getting a better spiritual connection.


While I purchase these at a local shop that has their own in-house Palo Santo tree. I have provided a link that utilizes responcibly sources trees. This is important and yes it may make things cost a little more, but rather a little extra $ to ensure these products are still around for generations to come and ecosystems and wildlife are left with as little disturbance as possible. INTENTION MATTERS!

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