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A Little Bit of Me and My Beliefs, as well as, My Hopes for this Community

Hello and welcome to our website! My name is Erika and I’m so glad you’ve made it this far! For those of you who may not know, I go by Child_Of_Balance on Tik Tok. I have grown up quite literally to the beat of my own drum and never done anything the “Normal” way. From an early age I grew up seeing sprits and entities often in my environment, whether it was at my childhood home or school that never stopped spirit from finding a way into my life. I have a deep love and innerstanding of animals, nature, and the connectedness of all things through energy. I grew- up Roman Catholic from a lineage of highly “in-tune” family members. With that being said, abilities were never talked about growing up and due to the time period were definitely not widely or publicly accepted. It wasn’t until my college years that such topics were discussed and finding acceptance in my daily reality. While my religion has changed and morphed into it's own unique understanding of this Universe, I do not reject or shun my previous affiliations, but rather see them for what they are. 

I personally do not like the labels we use and adopt during our spiritual journeys. However, for simplicity and understanding sake if I had to use a few labels to describe my abilities they would be as follows: Medium, Psychic, Mystic, Seer, Healer, and “Shaman”. The reason I personally don’t like labels of any kind is because with each label I believe you are also giving yourself a limit. I believe our souls are limitless and when we label ourselves, we place ourselves in a box of limitations. So, I actively try to avoid labels whenever possible. I believe our Uniqueness and Authenticity should be celebrated not shunned.

I have worked with a few different people in many different walks of life and different stages of the “Spiritual/Healing Journey” and have blended many different teachings, philosophies, understanding, and ancient knowledge to form the foundation on which I work from. That being said I would love to share my abilities, wisdom, and knowledge in any area I can with others searching within themselves. I truly believe unity is how we will all prosper for our “greatest good and highest timeline“ in this Universe. I truly believe that we are both the student and the teacher at different moments in our journey, I accept both roles and honor everything that both roles have shown me. 

Having said that I have created this website to be a welcoming place for people in the community to come together to learn, grow, and share.

Some of the items and resource documents I have put together and created on the website are free for our community to utilize in their personal practices and studies. Other areas such as Mediumship Services, Tarot/Oracle Readings, In-depth documents and hands-on teaching spaces are available as well through this site and prices are listed accordingly for each item. There is a product Resource/Links page for anyone looking for where to find the items I do currently use or have used in my personal space!

Please take advantage of all that is on the Resources/Links Page and anything else on this Website!

I used to have a Mentor that would say “Thank You for Being You”- J. I fully stand behind that quote and I look forward to meeting each and every one of you! All in Divine Timing! 

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