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Organic Whole Juniper Berries

Organic Whole Juniper Berries

  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC DRIED JUNIPER BERRY (Juniperus communis) - A wild mountain herb, harvested naturally in the pristine mountainous border region of Northern Albania, a premium herb producing region.
  • PACKAGED IN USA CERTIFIED ORGANIC FACILITY - One pound of bulk organic whole juniper berries in a high quality 1 lb resealable bag, we are certified organic by Organic Certifiers, Inc.
  • HIGHLY VERSATILE BOTANICAL - whole juniper berries are used in cooking and seasoning a variety of meats, beef, turkey and can be used in brining, smoking, and sauces. The aromatic nature of the herb makes any dish special.
  • FANTASTIC ADDITION TO DRINKS - The flavor profile of common Juniper Berry is unique. The pine wood natural flavor adds a distinctive and sharp note to cocktails, soft drinks, tea infusions and syrups
  • THE J MAC BOTANICALS LOVE PROMISE - We are a family-owned company, proud of our organic premium quality products. We promise complete satisfaction with all of our products.

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