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Mystical Shaman Oracle Cards

Mystical Shaman Oracle Cards

This deck has 64 cards, each one depicting a sacred symbol. Remember that nature speaks in symbols and not in the language of facts. Stay with the image of the card or cards that you choose during a reading. Savor it; let it speak to the depths of your psyche. You will discover that a very primal part of your soul recognizes and responds to these timeless symbols.

Every card is a dynamic snapshot of a situation or a moment, and shows you how the moment can transform from one condition to another. The symbols present the forces and influences at play and the direction that the energy is moving toward. After you meditate on the image and the power that it holds, consult the text in this guidebook.

Each card has three important messages:

The Essence.

The Invitation.

The Medicine.


This deck for me personally is amazing! It is layered with so many images and symboles, a new and different message comes  through each time I pull them out with my team! It honors many different tribal spaces and not just First Nation with the amazing artwork!

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