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Intro To Candle Magik "Self-Study" Course

Intro To Candle Magik "Self-Study" Course

This is the perfect option for someone who wants candle magik knowledge, but has a busy schedule or needs to learn at their own pace around their already full lifestyle. This is a pre-recorded "Self-Study" Class available for anyone who is interested in learning the "in's and out's" of basic intention-based candle magik. Upon purchasing this class, you will receive one 13-page PDF document of pertinent notes, that can serve as a quick reference guide for you at any point in your spiritual journey, along with the link to a 3 hour and 20-minute video of our intro to candle magik class taught by (Child_Of_Balance) Erika M. 


This class will cover the following topics:


~Supplies & Tools
~Types of Candles / Their Use /& Burn Time
~Candle Color Intention / Representation / & Purpose
~Candle Color Frequency
~Anointing Your Candle (3 Separate Styles / Beliefs)
~Herb Preparation
~Dressing Your Candle (3 Separate Styles)
~Salt Circles / Opening Circle
~Candle Set-up & Tear Down
~Basic Intention & Energy Incorporation
~Tips & Tricks
~Trouble-Shooting / Basic Candle Oops
~A Complete Protection Candle Demonstration Start to Finish
~A Basic & Expanded Protection Herb Blend & Set-up


Customers also receive a basic protection candle recipe that they can use in their own practices. Along with notes breaking down each herb used by Gender, Planet Representation, Element, and Metaphysical Properties & Uses. 


A full protection candle demonstration is done at the end of the class, should you wish to follow along and do your own protection candle at home, we break it down step by step in real time. Then Timelapse the burn duration and meet again to discuss everything before we close out.


** Due To The Nature of This Instant Digital Product, We Can Not Accept Returns or Refunds At This Time**

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