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Elemental Wisdom Tarot Deck

Elemental Wisdom Tarot Deck

  • ✔ Products name :The Elemental Wisdom Tarot ​Oracle Cards,With Velvet Storage Bag
  • ✔ PDF manual: Just scan the QR code on the box to get the user guide, or contact customer service to provide a PDF online guide.
  • ✔ The best quality: Our cards are made of high-quality cardboard, strong and flexible, with a bright surface, smooth and easy to shuffle, durable and handy, and can be used for a long time.
  • ✔ Long History:Tarot is an ancient predictive art in the West. It analyzes the meaning of the symbols of the cards by placing randomly selected cards in a designated position (card array) to explain the problem. Each tarot card has a symbol that indicates your inner thoughts, subconscious motivations, hidden fears and desires, and your personality.


A great card deck for the car or on the go. Follows normal Rider-Waite interquined with the elements just a fun easy deck!


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