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Dissolvable Food Labels Stickers

Dissolvable Food Labels Stickers

  • Makes Kitchen Cleanup a Breeze. Our blank stickers dissolve effortlessly under any temperature water. They are 100% washable kitchen labels. Say goodbye to nasty or annoying jar labels residue and gunk from poor labels, tape, or stickers.
  • Use at Home. The perfect removable labels for extra leftovers, meal prep, or storage. Easily put these dissolvable labels on any freezer item to quickly see what's inside - no more guessing... an organizing dream.
  • Use at Work. Great for commercial, restaurant kitchens, caterers, and more. These professional organizing food labels for containers will help eliminate food waste in your workplace. Simply and easily identify what is in your freezer.
  • Save time and money. Know what needs to be eaten first and when with easy identification food date labels. Stay organized, stop food waste and save money with these fridge labels or freezer labels.
  • No Hassle. This dissolvable food label won't melt in the microwave, fall off in the freezer, or stay stuck on in the dishwasher. Enjoy these hassle-free washable and removable freezer labels.
  • Help the Environment - Accurate labeling helps keep old food, drinks, and containers out of the landfill.
  • Our Labels Work - We promise you'll love our labels and that they will work for whatever you use them for. It's our promise to you that they'll be exactly what you need.
  • About us: We specialize in all kinds of stickers, but these dissolvable ones are our favorite (don't tell the others)! With how good they work, we know you'll appreciate them

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