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Custom Blended and Blessed Road Opener Herbs

Custom Blended and Blessed Road Opener Herbs

This product is our unique custom blended and blessed mixture for use in your Road Opener Candle Magic or other spirtual practices (such as a spiritual bath.)  


While this product is 100% Reliably Sources Organic Herbs, we do not intend for this herb product to be consumed. 


For those seeking to use this product in a spiritual bath, please steep these herbs in hot or boiling water, once cooled, add to your spiritual bath. (Best Paired with Epsom Salts)


When you purchase this product you will receive 1 (0.5oz) bag on our handcrafted herbal blend.



  • Shipping & Handling

    Because all of our products are handcrafted and blessed by our team please allow for 2 weeks for your products to arrive to you.

  • **Return Policy**

    Due to the nature of this product returns will not be accepted. While damage in shipping is rare, should you have any issues or damaged items please contact us via the website email.

  • Product Disclaimer

    Please keep in mind that intention is everything in Candle Magik. Child_Of_Balance is not responsible for unsuccessful Candle Magik. We provide the tools needed, you provide the intention and energy.

    **Packaging May Vary**


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