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Blue Sage Smudge Sticks 4 Inch

Blue Sage Smudge Sticks 4 Inch

  • 🌙 Calm, ease, love, & kindness are only some of the beautiful consequences waiting for you after your cleansing ceremony 🙏
  • ❤️ These handmade Blue Sage bundles are powerful for cleansing ceremony OR used as décor in any space that could use some uplifting & loving energy
  • ☀️ Use your Blue Sage to cleanse negative energy, create space for positive & creative energy, stress relief, anxiety relief, sleep & cognitive benefits, and for smudging ceremonies in your home or place of spiritual practice
  • 🌿 All of your Sage is sustainably grown on private land by our partner cultivator and are very carefully collected to preserve these sacred plants + honor them, as we create healing bundles for your personal practice


A great alternative to white sage, if the idea of using white sage bothers you. Also just another great product to cleanse your space with.

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