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Blessed Herbal - Healing Candle

Blessed Herbal - Healing Candle

  • Healing is spiritual purple candle with a mellow honeysuckle & cedar oil blend.
  • Complete healing occurs in body, mind and spirit when you address the inner-personal issues that may contribute to your disease.
  • This candle measures 1.5” x 7” pillar and has a 40 hour burn time.
  • Coventry Creations of Ferndale, Michigan, hand pours their candles when the moon is right.


I love these candles! While they can be a little more expensive, I utilize them a lot when I'm building my own offering/give back candle or when I'm doing light candle or "Manifestation magik". I know everytime I have pair the multiple colors and intnetions in my candle work it has only strengthgened my practice!

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    Thank you for your continued support! 

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