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Dual Shadow Work Healing Series

The hard work of bridging the gap between your conscious & subconscious to reclaim all parts of self

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 100 US dollars
  • Phone or Video Call (Google Meets)

Service Description

This dual 1.5 hr long Healing Series, with Erika & Erin, is for those who have an interest in breaking down, innerstanding, & readopting their "Shadows" back into the whole. We work step-by-step with you beginning to bridge the gap between your conscious & subconscious. This is done at your individual pace. We are there to help you identify areas, trauma, reactions, projections, & habits that you have cultivated throughout life. We work with you through understanding their origins, working through exercises of cognitive & energetic healing to aid you in bridging the gap within "self". It's our belief that we need all of ourselves to "ascend/elevate/become enlightened/heal", identifying, and readopting the various shadow sides of ourself is step one. Each client will receive a custom plan based on their wants, needs, & ultimate goals. We provide an array of documents & noteworthy books that clients can utilize. We assign journaling & worksheet exercises to help stimulate the conscious mind, while layering in metaphysical practices/exercises to begin to speak and deal with the subconscious. We believe that working both the mental vessel and the energetic body in tandem is the best way to fully bridge and incorporate shadow work/healing. During this process, some may experience and exhibit increases in their natural abilities. This is completely normal. We will lightly assist you through these moments, however, this service will be solely geared towards just shadow work, and we will only be deep diving on areas that link directly to your specific shadows. If you are looking for a more all encompassing program that will work more in depth in other areas, please look towards our Full-Mentorship Program. This is our authentic no B.S. approach to mind, body, soul healing. While we recommend multiple sessions are scheduled, we only require services be paid in full prior to the start of each individual session. You are not required to purchase multiple sessions at one time, but you can if you wish. We recommend sessions scheduled a minimum of 1 week apart. However, clients work through things at their own pace and we realize some progress faster or slower than others, we want to work alongside you to form a plan and schedule that best suits you as a whole. This service can include but is not limited to: Journaling Prompts/Exercises Guided-Meditation Breath-Work/Grounding Sound/Frequency Chakra Healing Shamanic Journey Soul Retrieval Metaphysical Bridge Gapping

Cancellation Policy

Please note: While you are able to cancel your service/reading at anytime, please know that in order to, receive a full refund cancellations must be done 24 hours in advance of the scheduled service time. **Emergency Policy**- If you experience an emergency within the 24 hr. cancellation required window, that causes you to miss a scheduled session/ reading, please reach out via email to inquire about a refund/rescheduling services.

Contact Details

Benton Ridge, OH, USA

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