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Megan H. Spiritual Practitioner


A Peek at Me and My Spiritual Journey

I am so elated to share this space with those of you who are looking for something more! My name is Meg and I have always been unique and never felt like I truly fit in anywhere. I grew up in a strong Irish Catholic family, but for me I was always interested in magik, witches, dragons, fairies, and all other “magical” things. When I was younger I was not really allowed to truly embrace those feelings and pulls. I acted and believed what was “expected” of me and that spilled into adult hood. When I was in my early twenties I started drinking very heavily and it became a problem. After years of drinking I found a 12 step program that help me to get sober and actually started me down my path towards other Spiritual practices.  It took me some years and a few emotional rock bottoms to truly open my eyes to all that was around me. I never knew what shadow work was or the fact I had buried so many unhealed “traumas” within myself while living this life. Now I found some great people who have and continue to aid me in the discovery of my authentic soul again. I am still learning so much about myself, my abilities, and my purpose. It truly amazes me everyday just how limitless we are when we step out of our own way.
I am a mother of a beautiful daughter who has always seen and interacted with Spirits from an early age. I have found as she gets older and the more she shares, that her abilities are so vase and unique. As a mother we are working past the stigma of fear that people would think she is “crazy” if she shares her experiences. We have been learning together how to help her develop both as, the magical young lady she is and a pre-teenager, in a world that has not yet fully excepted child like her. This healing and self-discovery journey that we are on together as a family is truly amazing. While I don’t claim to know everything, but I’m eager to be able to help and share with parents like me who have a child like mine.
I am stepping into several new spaces, creating beautiful Spiritually based products. I have a deep passion for Herbology, in both medicinal and metaphysical needs. I love using my creativity as a form of meditation and a balancing technique. Several gorgeous macrame pieces have been the result of this mediative practice and you may find some of them in our store for you purchase. I am growing my connection with my spirit team while unlearning all the pre-conditioned ideologies of my childhood upbringing. I resonate with the notion that life should be lived without labels. So, I have no label on my spiritual journey, I do not say I am a witch or a card reader or a master of any one thing, I am limitless and so are you! I am so happy that you have found this page and I hope that the services and products offered by us can help you with your journey. Join us in the search to find your inner flame and your magik. We are one.

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